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Akane Kawaguchi is a navigator serving aboard the freetrader MLV Calming Ambience and a PruCh (formerly PiffleNet) regular.


On the bridge of the MLV Calming Ambience

Akane was born in Kai'Toi Hab, a typical sort of Archeofuturist hab based around a sort of midtech cassete futurist semi-bioconservative traditionalism. Growing bored with the general sense of conformity aboard the hab and having gained a positive reputation on a number of Qhevaki GalNet communities, in April 2017 she would join up with a number of other superbrights from other habs to found the small-scale freelance interstellar trading co-op AIT Independent Trading, based around the lightweight Asir-class free-trader MLV Calming Ambience.

AIT would go on to primarily operate between less traveled routes in Galactic Economic Region 243B, best-known for containing the anomalous nexus world known as NSEarth. She became a regular on the popular NSEarth social media site PiffleNet during that time, later joining PruCh after the fall of PiffleNet to a child pornography scandal.