Qhevak Wiki

Qhevak has a very broad and diverse range of weapon designers, owing to it's status as a weird posthuman melting pot. A general lack of actual IP law or the capability to enforce it within the Community (and the size of the galaxy as a whole makes IP enforcement on that scale a practical joke) means that designs are typically produced by a wide range of manufacturers, though many groups (especially large shipbuilders) heavily protect their own trade secrets, only sharing them with certain other trusted groups.

AEK Open Optics

AEK is a distributed design collective participated in by various engineers and hobbyists throughout numerous habs, mainly specializing in the production of high end portable infantry laser weapons. Since it's founding in the mid-1800s NSY, AEK Open Optics has become the premiere producer of high performance light beam weapons in the Community, designing such classics as the AEK-449 pulse cannon used by the Rockhound and many other iconic tactical synthmorphs, as well the AEK-504 Battle Laser in wide use by many nearbaseline mercenaries.

Barai Dynamics

Barai Dynamics is a widely known shipbuilder centered on a mid-size planetoid on the Qhevak region's outskirts, founded in 1901 NSY by a partnership between a collective of AI engineers escaped from enslavement in a hyperfuturist industrial dictatorship in Beta, and a great wyrm chromium dragon who had accidentally slipped into this world from places elsewhere. Since it's founding, Barai has gained a reputation for simple, crude, but highly reliable, designs, typically built with a heavy industrial, almost retrofuturist aesthetic. The designer is best known for it's line of very rugged planetary attack craft, such as the Ba-71 Grizzly and Ba-99 Wraith.

Entangled Order Shipyards

Entangled Order Shipyards is the in house design collective of the Entangled Order of Saint Teilhard, and the most sophisticated overall shipbuilder in the Oortian Community. Since the Community's founding, the shipyards of the Order have produced some of the most capable and enduring designs of the Community such as the Archangel, Seraph and Mika'Il, though they have occasionally gained some criticism as overly complicated and expensive to manufacture. Entangled Order designs typically have very abstract, sharp and angled designs, resembling huge starfaring daggers spitting hot energy fire.

Helion Stratodynamics

Helion Stratodynamics is a major shipbuilder operated by a number of large AI collectives in and around Ullr, and the Order's closest competitor in the high-end warcraft design market. Founded in the mid-1800s NSY by a futurist art collective obsessed with high speed aesthetics, Helion has a reputation for sleek, deadly and very high thrust warcraft. Mostly specializing in fighters, missiles and planetary attack craft. Helion craft generally have a rather streamlined, pseudo-organic look to them, though with the diverse array of design sub-collectives now operating within it there is quite a wide range of diversity within it's spacecraft output.

Intron Aeroballistics

Keela Dreamworks

Keela Dreamworks is the main in-house spacecraft designer of the Oyuin clade, and the first spacecraft designer to operate out of the Qhevak region. Originally focused on the production of advanced FTL-capable autonomous combat drones capable of effectively defending the early Oortian Community from attack, the collective has branched out over time, distributing many real-world modifications of technologies developed within Oyuin virtual landscapes. Naturally this means that Keela designs other than ones built to defend Meinong are often optimized for combat conditions and even physical lays dramatically divergent from those in reality, and are thus are mostly produced as interesting, deadly toys rather than actual combat equipment. In the past few decades, with the boom in exploration of multiply connected spacetime regions connected to other universes with considerably different physical laws, Keela has become a premiere designer of weapons built for alternate reality combat, using Meinong's processing power to simulate alternative laws and then optimize weapons for combat within them.

Naka Collective

Naka Collective is a collective of nomadic Tribeship designers specialized in bionano weapons technology production, growing them in planetary ring based hatcheries scattered in a number of disparate star systems. Naka is considerably older than the Community as a whole, existing for perhaps a millenia or more, but has recently formed major ties with various Qhevaki militia and mercenary units. It has been lately known for it's close partnership with Stella's Strikers.

Pozhar Tactical Armaments

Pozhar is a distributed design collective akin to AEK, though specializing mainly in light kinetic weapons such as coil- and railguns, grenade launchers, micromissiles, swarmdrones, as well as conventional chemical firearms for the low end and sporting markets. In recent years, Pozhar products have become particularly popular on external markets, due to both many nearbaselines preferring kinetic weapons to energy (due to both flashiness and lacking the precision and reaction times to truly make best use of lasers), as well as a heavy social media presence. In the last few decades Pozhar has also begun to break into the tactical synthmorph market, especially following the adoption of their Djieien Heavy Breacher Morphs design by Shivastra.

Sever Labs

Tachne Dynamics

Tsalal Productions

Tsalal Productions is a designer primary specializing in high performance combat synthmorphs, and closely associated with the Hounds of Tindalos.