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Moria is a large asteroid habitat that is the most populous overall hab in Qhevak, with a total population of 1.9 billion, as well as it's economic, cultural and tourist center. Moria is an extensive "beehive" type space habitat, comprised of a extensive tunnel complex (100-2000 meter radius) dug throughout the interior of the asteroid 24829014 Akhaten, a roughly spherical C-Type asteroid with a diameter of 221.3 kilometers in orbit around the rogue ice giant Ullr.

Akhaten was initially settled as a staging point for Helium-3 mining of Ullr, as it's geosynchronous orbit allowed it to be connected by tether to the orbital ring system constructed for He3 extraction. As Ullr became a major source of He3 for Qhevak, the initial mining town built in Akhaten experienced explosive economic growth, and took on a secondary role as a major center of spacecraft manufacturing. Moria has continued to expand since, becoming one of the largest hosts of tech producers in the Community, as well as one the most culturally diverse habs.

Moria possesses a wide range of environments throughout it's tunnels complex - the outer tunnels are largely hard vacuum manufacturing zones, while tunnels closer to the center tend to be pressurized and sealed off from the exterior. While most of the complex is zero gravity, over a hundred small cylinder and torus type rotating habitats have been built into the interior. The largest two are Trieste, a 2 kilometer wide 5 kilometer long cylinder resembling a classical European city built mainly as a place for baseline tourists to stay, and Kibuka, a 3.2 kilometer wide 7 kilometer long cylinder built for the Kumiho Clade that holds the local Hounds of Tindalos office.

Moria is one of the less anarchic of Qhevak's habitats, which has lead to it becoming one of the more popular habs with outsiders. It is largely run through a direct e-democracy utilizing swarm intelligence software - in-hab regs are mostly enforced through ubiquitous sousveillance and economic/reputation penalties (or slap-droning for the very worst crimes), though a sizable defense militia is also maintained. Moria has a largely decentralized, internal economy mainly consisting of platform coops and commons based peer producers, and run through a mix of cybernetic planning and limited markets.


Hyperuranion is a medium size rogue ice giant over a parsec from the nearest star, with a diameter of 57,207 km and mass of 9.04e25 kg. This isolation, combined with it's He3 rich atmosphere and multiple resource rich moons has lead the Entangled Order to adopt it as it's primary military and scientific hub. Hyperuranion is crisscrossed by numerous orbital rings, dipping massive collectors into the atmosphere, gathering billions of tons of He3 on a yearly basis and feeding it to enormous lunar construction complexes. One ring also mounts an enormous research particle collider.

The Order has recently began to construct large scale research and construction complexes in the upper layer of Hyperuranion's mantle, built out of high performance diamondoids to survive over 20 GPa of pressure (about 200x that at the bottom of the Mariana Trench). These provide a nigh impossible to reach fortress in the event that all else fails. In conjuction with a heavy strategic FTLi jamming array blocking FTL out to 4.1 light minutes, over an exawatt worth of heavy particle emplacements, hundreds of Archangels and defences in depth throughout the entire orbital and atmospheric sphere of the giant, Hyperuranion is far and away the most heavily defended site in the entire Community.


Med asteroidbrain.png

The core of Oyuin culture, Meinong is a former 34 km diameter S-type asteroid that has been almost entirely converted into high density, high performance computer processors, providing plentiful virspace to suit the Clade's needs. Meinong is almost solely composed of dense computer processors and necessary support equipment, with the exception of a small array of hab modules equipped with VR tanks to allow outsiders to jack into sims.

As the most powerful individual computer outside of Entangled Order service (Hyperuranion has a few larger processors in orbit), Meinong's plentiful processing power is frequently rented to various groups for numerous purposes, including research, training, and prototyping. This has contributed to the significant economic influence of the Oyuin within the Community.

Given it's wealth and status, Meininong operates one of the largest militias in the community, including 419 HAV-190 Archangels. This force is intended for purely defensive operations, and thus consists almost entirely of fighters with little ground assault or logistical capacity.


One of the seediest spots in the Community, Tlazōlteōtl is a nine kilometer wide living biohab looking from the outside like an enormous ball of human flesh dotted in eyes and docking orifices - once a rather influential human with a very extreme inflation fetish. Tlazōlteōtl exists as the ultimate one stop sordid desire fufillment stop, supporting everything from the ordinary (drugs, orgies and wild parties) to the very line straddling (consensual guro, sexbots with near p-zombie performance chatbots, gladiatorial arenas). Consent is the only line drawn, though its well known it's a line that can be easily crossed if you know where to ask.



The monks inhabiting Lethe, a four kilometer diameter Dyson Tree complex, belong to a very odd breakoff transhumanist Buddhist sect known widely as the Timeless Nirvana. Hyperemphasizing the importance of living in the moment, the founders came to the conclusion that the only way to achieve a state of true Nirvana was the total elimination of any recognition of the present and past, and therefore long term memory. They thereby rewired their brains to eliminate all memories beyond the past five minutes, obliterating all sense of linear time, and wander the great oaken halls of the station endlessly contemplating nothing other than their immediate surroundings. There is only one exception to the complete elimination of memory - the memories of all members before joining the sect are kept in a server at the station's icy core, with this possibility of a way out the only thing allowed to stay in their minds.

Lethe has, not undeservedly, gained a reputation as a refuge for various major interstellar crminals, as under interhab treaty a total memory wipe renders one immune to extradition for prior crimes committed. In practice, most consider choosing this fate not particularly different from a death sentence.


Demonic mercenaries in action

When the Order Of The Twenty Smouldering Seals, a fringe demon-worshipping sect persecuted by their theocratic host polity, sought refuge on a newly built cylinder hab as a safe haven to perform the ritual they believed would let their dark masters into the world, most in Qhevak didn't think twice. It was therefore something of a shock for most skeptical Qhevakians when the ritual actually worked, instantly killing all members of the Order aboard (and sending them to eternal torment, oops!) while partially merging the habitat with contacted extradimensional hell realm. While it failed in fully opening a bridge (likely impossible, given the differences in physical law involved), the habitat was merged with a wide variety of demonic entities inside and out.

Practically cut off from their previous realm, and fearing obliteration from the hundreds of warships that immediately surrounded it post-ritual, the demon machines of Dis, not really being much weirder than many of Qhevak's intradimensional inhabitants, managed to ultimately strike up a reasonably peaceful relationship with the rest of the Community. Aside from their role in performing thaumic engineering on certain products and a thriving tourist business, they've also managed to successfully hire out mercenaries across the galaxy (seen in the above image). Even being an extradimensional horror, it seems, still doesn't make one immune to the profit motive.